And then SILENCE

And then SILENCE. All about was a golden orb glistening odd somehow as there was only a sense of up.

Pilot could sense UP was still UP.

Other than that, and he was not absolutely certain. He could detect a certain deformity in the horizontal axis left and right, in that things were not always at 90 degrees, even things he knew were.

Silence was essential, this he knew somehow. So, he silenced his room as much as possible, then, to further mask the sounds of the household and anything else, he played numerous soundtracks with various devices.

As usual, Drone Zone (Soma FM) was playing on iPad, behind Pilot. In front of him was Swimming in Money, Subliminal Messages for Wealth, Abundance, Success. By combination its resultant silence inside his cranium was such that Pilot felt instantly motivated, uplifted in his desire and ability to physically, mentally and therefore emotionally, his literal stance, with a very upright seated posture, one foot and toe swung behind, bracing him in this, his upright seat of the six months of his stay during ‘the COVID’ stay at home of 2020.

The combination of the these mostly abstract soundtracks inside Pilot’s cranial structure was such that Pilot wondered afresh was he human indeed ‘natural’ at all?

Published by Mark Brand

Mark is a writer, author, producer and inventor. He focuses on brands and commercial technology architecture.

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