If you know anything about horses, you know there is a stage in the raising of Colts or adolescent horses, that is to say where the horse is ‘broken’ or made tame for riding.

In reality I am sure the process must be more complex but being raised on a farm I get the general gist of the matter. The fact is horses have personalities, and strong ones. At the end of the day it is far more the case horses respond to positive emotion and reward, than to punishment, which has negative consequences, easily.

I do remember emotional relationships with animals, growing up, including with horses, cows or calves,+ pets including dogs, and cats. I had a tortoise once. There was a goat.

My sister and I are resistant to ‘breaking’. Maybe because we are both resistant to being ‘broken’ into society’s mould for me+her.

Of course, life being life, this means we’ve had our share of near escapes, narrow misses and terrifying nights. Now, more than ever, I just see this as a thrill ride more epic than the last, more heart poundingly exciting than I could have dreamt and all that is in this time.

I see now how, more than ever, she and are twin epochs surrounding a cavernous fire. In this fire brims a cauldron full with magical elixirs and potent spices. Now and then the cauldron bubbles and there may be a smell, intoxicating at first.

Out of this fire, this brimstone, out pulls you and I something new.

Old family photograph

Published by Bryce Winter

Bryce Winter is the Publisher of School For Life, GENR8 Technologies and Nourish.press as well as the PEAK diagnostic system. Winter is resident Architect at ARCHITECTONICS.CA and is the Author and Producer of MarkBrandGroupShares, the PEAK authoring and indexing system as well as Signs and Symbols of Success, a treatise on the archetypes of brand architecture today with a focus on color.

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