The landing was violent and jarring—far from the smooth descent that Pilot was used to with the Elevator. Normally his Elevator would have braked smoothly, banking across the atmosphere at terrific speed but in a controlled and predictable manner. Instead, he could feel himself flipping end over end over end as the Elevator spun out of control, feverishly trying to right itself and brake by using its automatic stabilizers and powerful thrusters. He headed directly for a massive ditch below; and crashed into the earth there, pushing up mounds and masses of red earth in the process. The Elevator’s smoking chassis left a charred trail over a dark, grassy embankment, turning the wet wilderness into a steaming, slippery hell fit only for a fire demon. Not being a fire demon however, Pilot was shaken rather badly. Worse, he could feel that he had hit his head on something inside the Elevator during the crash landing and was dazed and confused, as well. His mind reached back to his basic training but he couldn’t recall what he was supposed to do in these circumstances.

He took a breath, leaning back in his pod, and counting slowly, he tried to get his bearings. Before he could, however, bright Red and Blue lights began flashing on his exterior viewfinder, indicating that the Elevator must have been spotted by locals. Turning on the exterior audio inputs, the chaotic sound of a Siren could be heard, over the sound of pulsing rain. This was not good. Pilot had no plans to be discovered here, not yet, not in this state, so shaking his head free to clear the daze he still felt, he sat up and pondered over his control panel. Flashing symbols and diagrams scrolled rapidly across the holographic display—way too fast for Pilot’s dazed senses. He laid a palm on his control surface, mentally sending the sensation for his Elevator to straighten up and right itself, preparatory to an emergency take-off. 

It was too late. Locals had arrived and were all around the Elevator now, grasping and pulling and pushing at its smooth hull. Pilot, safely ensconced inside, could not really be hurt or damaged, so long as life support remained online. Fortunately this seemed to be working. But there was real damage to the Elevator. Right at the moment he wasn’t sure of its extent or area, but he couldn’t get it to right itself, which was a major issue! Tentatively, he ‘asked’ it to move right, and it moved left. He tried right, and instead, it slid left. Forward, and it went back. Back, and it lurched forward. No wonder he had crash landed. His centering mechanism was clearly malfunctioning, and now with the crash, was possibly broken too. Without a closer examination it was impossible to say. This, however, was out of the question right now as the locals seemed to be taking possession of his Elevator.

Furiously, looking around the cabin for some emergency lever, slide or instructions that he might have forgotten about in his dazed state, Pilot couldn’t do much besides beat his hands on the panel. There were no emergency controls or instructions he could see. All his frantic movements did was make El wave around uncontrollably, which had the unfortunate consequence of the locals taking a firmer grip on it and extracting it forcibly from the wetlands. They lifted his feverish existence into a nearby vehicle—the one with the flashing lights. Pilot went limp, collapsing back in his pod. El settled back as well, as it was wheeled horizontally on a fabric covered gurney with smooth and controlled movements by the practiced locals into the waiting vehicle. Pilot, exhausted by the ordeal, mercifully passed out. Sirens blaring and wheels whirring, the captured Elevator with Pilot in it was whisked away at high speed.

{Pilot’s Story} Marketing at its Edges

Pilot had experienced the edges of perceived perception up, down and sideways, not to mention a thousand other ways including at least eight known dimensions and more like sixty-four.

It was while he was occupied, exploring perception when Pilot most often got his most fierce ideas. Ideas that now once it was done: launching the GENR8 EXPLORER; were genesis of a new life for him and others, as well.

That this coincided with the occurrence of ‘publishing + public relations’ points to yet more guidance that Pilot was somehow receiving, in an unknown way from a great source.

That this guidance pointed Pilot, no matter belatedly to completion of said book, category got Pilot anxious as yet troubled seductive charm of anxiety raged its rear head quickly enough yet baring teeth only is swiftly energized swept away extinct now done by therefore leaving space. 

In its place imagining waving sets of books like old school encyclopedias at students accustomed to apps and emails. What if this goes wrong? It is likely to, this he knew, therefore, better to imagine in what case it can be proved successfully? Exactly, yes.

Pilot’s Careful Research

Tuesday. Day of connection. On his usual perambulatory exercises Pilot could feel his fourth appendage somewhat pulling in, as he frequently had. It was a complex movement. This day he worked at turning this tube back directly into the fourth position. Of course, its fourth position was unique in perspective to any other tube’s fourth, so knowing how exactly this felt and even how to go about it was primarily a matter of look and feel to him. 

The cylinder kept wanting to stay in its usual position and to move in its usual way. This track, however, was not ideal, at least for Pilot’s intent, and besides, any track held to overlong could only serve to wear that track, possibly even resulting in failure. As both Pilot and Elevator knew, failure at anywhere near this juncture was inadvisable and therefore it really was best to find a new stride: if only it was not difficult to balance into fresh equilibriums!

Viele Zähnräder im Getriebe einer Maschine als Panorama

Perhaps this leg’s fourth position was somehow related to calibration, for that had been Pilot’s primary focus for several days next. Reaching it far out behind him, to stage left, he felt his appendage quivering there, unwilling to stay passively in this extended ‘fourth’ position. That had to change. Perhaps indeed it already was in the process of changing—he knew it was, but there was a ways still to go.

For all that, Pilot maintained his position, uncomfortable though it may be, it helped maintain a sense of ‘aliveness’ that spurred and even ignited thoughts and further actions. For instance, he scanned alternate ways to activate this motion further in the future. Skates maybe?

Pilot spent the morning furnishing and caring for Elevator’s needs, besides his own. Needing both to begin to function in synchrony permanently was the idea, Pilot to that his own idea was at once both fiction and necessary made the whole thing not so maddening overall. There was no doubt whatsoever he had piloted Elevator to the edge and he had no intention of skating there for a nanoseond more than was necessary. Piloting Elevator was a lot like skating around, he thought dreamily. It was easier to move in arcs, generally. Once departing from a standing stop, however, ANY direction might be arrived at, the question at once departing was; had he stopped?

Yes, he remembered distinctly, he had even made a note about it. It was the beginning of the end day. Today was day 3 since. He had been fully stopped, then he had started again, quite slowly. Today he was up to queries he had formed the day hence, yesterday. Today was, in fact, about looking forward towards a destination time, sometime in the future, instead of the past. This time in the future had been dialled in yesterday, and yesterday as well questions had been posited, to fulfill on this day’s destination.

Already, in addition to care and maintenance for El, as well as its enrivons, taking a high perch on a new seat, in the sunshine of another room, facing South, Pilot next considered many research points he had visited in the last few hours.

Businessman with backpack and binoculars watching from above the city

Big wheel starts rolling

Point of Interface: Pilot deciding to address his point of interface is the last frontier of humankind. Becoming aware that what we choose and how we choose it fundamentally forms our relationships and our shares, becoming certain brands + marks. This idea is what GENR8 technology forms today, coaxial communications node systems designed to form the future beginning today.

What’s next?

And then??

Can We Talk?

I Don’t Know Best How To Communicate With You.

I may never have been able to communicate truly effectively.

It is not my fault, and it’s not yours: it’s language’s. After all, we’re only human.

Allow Me To Offer You A Framework:

I’ve spent a lot of time developing structural concepts relating to founding psychological concepts, technical ideas, biases and economic cooperation plans and their documentation.

Then I find I can’t express them very well at all.

What Is The Issue?

Context: The ideas I have almost always have to do with some technological aspect of communications. (I am a designer in publishing). Today, it is safe to say people could not live without language and technology (including agriculture, of course).

But, the languages we have, although precise (English and French have a LOT of words), fail in communicating my ideas completely, because they are incomplete. Incomplete? Yes; by their very nature spoken and written languages are not exhaustive (they’re always inventing new words, because of this) and they are only loosely accurate. Language is indirect, it is representational, immaterial. The sound of the word ‘water’ isn’t the same as the substance we are mostly made of. So language is loosely accurate, at best.

Language is loose? Spoken words are loose because while I am attempting to convert my thoughts into ideas, then into words, you are trying to convert my words into ideas into your thoughts. See the problem here? It’s easy to see why words and thoughts often get lost in translation using spoken language. It’s how misunderstandings arise, and why they happen all the time in writing as well.

Your context and my context are not identical. Sometimes this completely prevents me from communicating with you–especially if we speak different tongues, or maybe come from different backgrounds or eras.

What About Technology?

Technology can’t understand us at all. Sure, it can parrot spoken words back as text, but it has no idea of their meaning. Now I’m really stuck. You can’t understand me and neither can your (or my) equipment get me either. The experience of this is isolating. In agriculture today this may be expressed through the reductive ‘monsanto’ reasoning that has become a de facto standard (where farmers aren’t allowed to own the product of their own crops). In social media it can be expressed through digital plagiarism and also similar ‘monsanto’ reasoning where now your data and thoughts don’t really belong to you either, but to large conglomerated corporations. We are witnessing all the attendant symptoms of disempowerment, including various forms of addiction, i.e. withdrawal, loneliness, not taking care of business, as well as crimes of frustration, protest, etc. You could say technology’s influence is helping produce something like a global ‘ISOLATION SYNDROME’ of frustration. Hmm, does this scenario sound at all eerily familiar?

Society, including everyone and everything from agriculture to social media, seems at war with itself through language–complete with all the endemic misunderstandings this brings. This is not trivial, as real wars emanate from warring words, as we witness daily. The polarization of politics is just one (obvious) aspect of this which has become so virulent that our own democracies and democratic institutions are figuratively and indeed literally, under attack. The odd thing? We have recently had so much extraordinary technology added to our toolbox; yet contrary to common sense, it seems at present this very technology is making our ‘wars of words’ WORSE and our ironically common sense of isolation and loneliness MUCH WORSE.

Is There A Solution?

Is there a solution? Yes. We are going to need a bigger ‘wrench’: a bigger, better language system. Specifically, we need a (much) bigger, (much) more powerful and (way) more resilient toolset to communicate between ourselves, using technology as our intermediary substance. 

Here is what I mean: remember how I am having thoughts in my head, attempting to put them into words and then you are hearing words and attempting to convert them into thoughts in your head? This actual process is what we must find an effective way to do with machines. If we can teach machines to understand us, possibly machines could also communicate with us and we with them. That means we could then converse with our pocket computers. This also means we could bring some mighty technological leverage to bear on solving some pressing problems. (A few of which are getting critical, in fact).

Science Fiction or Science Fact?

At the moment, the idea of being able to hold a discourse with a machine IS science fiction. For some people, the prospect of this technology frightens them. The principal and obvious reason the possibility of true opulence in our technical and communications fortitude can be frightening is likely because the existing global oligopoly business structure would, if it controlled such a thing, indeed make a mincemeat of our freedoms. Let’s set this one thing aside for now and address the issue at hand. What’s needed to increase the utility of language such that it can be both an accurate means of communicating with machines (and machines with us) AND the beautiful, poetic and emotional toolset that we already enjoy in day to day speech between every one of us?

What is needed is a new FORM of language communication now. This form of language must be about containing the thought or intention, not (necessarily) just the words used. For want of a better word at the moment, let’s just call this language a ‘Framework’.

It turns out that a Framework, if there were one such thing, would not be arbitrary. In contrast, it would present its rationality in full transparency for all the world to see. That would be the only way to stuff it full of features as efficiently as possible. Not a ‘black box’, a ‘glass box’; the Framework provides a form for a pipeline, a shape to the complex hose of communications that runs in potential between every one of us (and every one of our machines). All we really need to define is this Framework because its specification, like that of an elevator shaft, dictates the form of its conveyances and their function, but not its contents. The contents, knowledge or data on or in a Framework is up to us.

What’s New and Different: a Classification System

Framework structure is defined by stability and efficient processing since ultimately it is conceived as a utility: a taxonomy of thought or intention, if you will. It is also conceived both as economical in structure and universal in methodology as possible given certain constraints, namely, people and computers today. In other words, the effective Framework is a universal classification system (ie taxonomy) for the organization of thoughts, intentions and ideas. 

Being of an economic nature means that it may be widely applied without net cost and being universal in means, means it may be applied throughout technologies and with reference to any human direction or activity in all circumstances. What more can be said about an appropriate Framework’s structure? Let’s wrap up today’s discussion with an outline of three specific qualities I observe that an effective Framework must have.

Three Framework Qualities

1: Crystalline Form

One of the first qualities of the communications Framework is that its form is crystalline by nature. In chemistry, a crystal is defined as any solid consisting of a symmetrical, ordered, three-dimensional aggregation of atoms or molecules. A Framework will have these qualities: It is crystalline, that is precise, ordered, multi-dimensional and self-aggregating. In this way it reflects the natural world as well as our own biology.

2: Suprarational Shape

Being crystalline in form does not dictate the shape of our Framework. Crystals come in many shapes and colors. Its shape may be described as ‘suprarational’, which I define as being both mathematically precise, exact; and capable of resolving advanced fuzzy logic / ambiguity issues at the point of interface. The effective Framework is pseudo-psychological; it has distinctive and commonly well-defined and delineated conceptual ‘entrances’, ‘exits’ and ‘points-of-call’ so that it easily connects ideas within itself. This may also be described accurately as having a twisted pair geometry, providing both built-in grammar and the opportunity to connect long strings into complex ‘ideas’, much like DNA does. 

3: Human Exchange Mechanism

The final critical quality of the communications Framework I’d like to call out today is its ability to effectively exchange and communicate not just thoughts or ideas but transactions, trades and real exchanges as well. In other words, you can say the effective Framework is also a trade or exchange mechanism, working on a granular basis between us. Like any exchange, a Framework must convey both the actual context and ‘living color’ of its descriptions, providing a valid and secure way to authenticate both itself and the named objects it describes.


We need a better language set to solve the rapidly escalating communications needs we will continue to experience in the twenty-first century. This language must provide a combined way to communicate between people, people and machines and machines with each other.

One reason we have yet to launch such a Framework is the issue of corporate control. We propose the Framework will not be built (or controlled) by large corporations, but by individuals and that the product itself will be owned not by any one individual or company but by humanity.

As the issue of architecture is surely an overarching concern, I would like to contribute my development research to the architecture. While it is in one sense ineffable (as I have been at pains to explain through this short article), on the other hand I have given a few clues through a short, 16 word appellation: It is the Reality-Based Object-Oriented Local Personal Quadralinear Universal Fuzzy-Logic Architectonic Rapid Input Ergonomic Data Integrated Knowledge Building System. This term describes everything (and nothing) about it. 

Ready to Learn More? Want to Contribute to This Project?

I want to help build the general communications infrastructure of the 21st century.

Would you like to contribute? We need contributions to help support ongoing development costs. [https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=VZBY2BRA7LJCC]

Would you like to get involved? [comment or email me; we need passionate team members!]

Incidentally, I’ve included a detailed top-level scalar plan of this FRAMEWORK in the back of all GENR8 Brain Paper notebooks: [https://amazon.com/author/brainpaper]

Bryce Winter is the author of Signs & Symbols of Success, a treatise on archetypal forms including color in the world of branding. He is also the co-author of How to Work With Teams, an introduction to PEAK communications archetype forms and their use in day to day communications. Bryce is the author and architect of GENR8 technology forms, which are described synoptically in this article.

Fumbling In The Dark

Halfway into the midcentury game, Pilot fumbled its ball, again.

Then, scrambling to get back under the ball as it jumped up and off to one side at a random-seeming angle from where he fumbled it. Pilot wished one of his teammates might be able to polish off the point, because possibly, then tho he had fumbled it and so it wasn’t called, it was still a legit setup for an experienced player, not even an expert, necessarily. Any intermediate player worth his salt could have at least returned the fumble for a setup on the third. Or, taken it for a low spike.


Instead, Pilot knew there was no other experienced player on the court at all, besides himself, at this juncture. So, gathering up his steam, Pilot soldiered underneath where he felt said ball might be coming down, and gathering strength he lowered his chassis, alert, close to the earth in a relaxed, open attitude, receptive while under tension. Relaxed, yet alert he dove for the ball.

Getting down in time (hope was). Rounding off three or four quick throw-away shots that might dampen his prey, pilot picked himself up, dusted off his things and crossed the street to the Library to address this issue.

The second floor reading room was easy entrance plus Pilot was prepared with both battery powered devices as well as a variety of battery-free devices, namely Four Notebooks by Nourish!

It has been a while since Pilot has glimpsed his mission, again, in all regalia. Glancing up, he glimpsed light, pale Northern Winter light through leafless tree branches that surrounded his side of the library. Wide bands of thermal insulated windows kept a warm, comfortable environment by his side and a unique, molded wheeled chair under its hips and shoulders and elbows. Huge extensive feet pressed firmware into library carpeting. Pilot was temporarily thrown into low- contrast perception by direct sunlight suddenly piercing prehensile cloud drifts, tree branches and glass.

Corduroy elastics behind its ears kept Pilot’s mind distracted, at first plus from time to time as after two years, Pilot STILL has not acclimated fully to public face mask wearing and therefore has not equipped itself with available technology fully.

Saying that Pilot was not an enthusiast was not strictly true as he has found it several colors and styles of facial covering. Nevertheless it was still wearing a low-cost, poorly fitting mask so clearly enthusiasm was lacking.

Stylish but less than practical, Pilot thought about the mask worn this day at the library as corduroy dug uncomfortably into skull latches at either side of the head. Nevertheless, he resolved to allow his flesh to become used to it, for a while at least sooooo he could concentrate on other things, like being a better player. Players must not get distracted by clear wardrobe malfunctions, just ask Janet Jackson.

Taking a deep breath, Pilot settled himself comfortably in its seat. Glancing up, he softened his gaze. Shallow but sky-encompassing white filmy Winter clouds kept light piercing the bare tree branches soft now, and he could feel both his brow and his breathing soften.

It really was. All right.

With abilities to ‘chunk’ information and file things, Pilot was gradually able to realise things. Now, he no longer had to ‘finish every task’, as once it was begun, nor did he trouble himself much with judging the impoverished state of that which was incomplete, primordial really. Instead, he filed it away, into one of a thousand online files or into one of a thousand pages he has battery free access to.

#schoolforlife #genr8 #papernotebooks #nowornever

Take It Racing

..one way to improve any performance is to take it racing.

Some YouTuber

Pilot heard the phrase in his echoing chambers resoundingly, even now, and it must be hours (and hours!) later.. What made it clatter so?

Maybe because Pilot was looking for ways to improve performance, maybe because it appealed to the wind-cheating design of his, maybe because he was (at last!) ready to ‘get the lead out’ as it has been described. All this, plus his design did need further tweaking and inwardly Pilot knew he had done enough on his own, it was time for his formulas to be put the test.

Why not race it?? The thought kept circulating with Pilot throughout the day.

By the end of its day (this was early in 2022 1 11 to be exact) Pilot imagine he could see all that was his to be laid out in a giant race track for others to view. Races. Racing. Wasn’t that what a contest was? Hadn’t that been what it had been doing all along? He had started that, at Acadium so far. Now, suddenly more, much more came up on his central screen, long obscured by chiaroscuro. 2022 was proving to be all that he had dreamed so far. It was going to be a trip!

The Interface War

The answer cannot be to be away from all people, all other people, it must be instead to be independent of other people and unmoved by their noise and circumstance. Is that it? Can one be both independent and simultaneously ‘with’? Can I?

Meanwhile, the War plays on, uninterrupted, save I, for the moment a ‘conscientious objector’, using a notebook, not an electronic one either, a paper and pencil analog notebook. Isn’t this rather avoiding the issue, instead of facing and addressing it head-on? I prefer to think of it as respite before heading back to the trenches. Besides, what difference does it make if I abandon my post temporarily. It is not as if I was under direct attack, is it? Only, like you, I AM under direct attack, with almost every interface experience today. There is no such thing anymore (if there ever was) as ‘neutral’ communications. 

Every tap on every ‘Black Mirror’ screen, every tickle of every keyboard is logged and rolled into an unceasing complex of data and information tracked, mined and fertilized with more information and used to retarget more of the same. It was not the mining that caused the war. It is actually the ‘more of the same’ that started it all off. The endless cacophony of more-of-the-same promotion racket that has been running for two decades now. It is so commonplace that younger generations have never seen anything else. As a result they are almost universally cynical. At least older generations had the advantage of television to develop immunity to commercials. With television, you see, commercials came at predictable intervals, grouped together, for predictable (usually short) amounts of time. True, there was the occasional half hour or one hour ‘infomercial’ program, but these were rare and truth be told, often quite amusing and there was no doubt whatsoever they were paid commercial broadcasts. Today, instead, we have slyly inserted micro promotions and attention / intention-grabbers anywhere and everywhere throughout the digital experience. Now everyone and everything is a target for more-of-the-same no matter the occasion. Browsing? Yes. Shopping? Yes. Emailing? Yes. Messaging? Why not? Nothing is sacrosanct, nothing is sacred in this environment.

Used to be more-of-the-same was universally labelled as new, (or brand-new!), whether it was breakfast cereal, cars, or clothes. Now, everything is recycled more-of-the-same but the focus has shifted from new more-of-the-same products to new more-of-the-same interests, focus, beliefs or attitudes. The result is that with more and more information we are becoming more and more polarized. War is the reason why. The Interface War.

Pilot Battles his Interface

Pilot, cool under pressure, found the needed mail missing and so sat back and paused, considering. For some reason he remembered the first time, as a small Elevator, no more than six years old, he had heard the term ‘plastic surgery’, overheard through an adult conversation. He remembers his reaction, as well, in the same engrane. The Reaction was relieved, plus disappointed. Relieved because he could not conceive of any way flesh and plastic way could seamlessly blend, plus it sounded hideous in its possibilities. Disappointed, because it implied to him, at any rate, there was no real way to repair his centering stick mechanism. Less said. At that moment the missing mail arrived. Move on.

Today, Pilot continued battling with his interface. Rain, snow, wind, numerous malfunctions, all conspired against him. Oftentimes Pilot would return to a thought trail, such as this one, only to discover a cooling thread begun days earlier, yet interrupted by any number of exterior factors. Meanwhile, his ‘interface’, what was left of it, in his case has done nothing to forward the action, nor even remind him of the leaving of it, in the rain, then.

Although at times faced with a bewildering herd of signals, numbering in the thousands, including well over a hundred critical ones, Pilot’s attention rarely varied. He maintained his hold, after all these years, in a relaxed grip, but almost never took both hands off the controls at any one time point.

Today, for instance, elements of Pilot’s interface lay scattered about the room he currently occupies, a ‘puter, a ‘pad plus several notebooks from Novella.

Each of these elements held a variety of sub-elements, some (many, in this case) were connected and related with each other, online and offline together, as well. Together each of these thread-elements was a voice in a weaving Pilot was in the process of creating, called ‘My Story’.

Today, for an instance, Pilot started a new list of story elements:

He followed up with a new feature graphic set he had been working with. It was fun developing short new engrains, like this, even as the interface battles progress.

How to Brand Anything

The Day The Facebook Went Down

Pilot had been dreading this moment for years.

A strange and unsettling day, according to Stephen Colbert.

Pilot had been dreading this moment for years. The date and precise nature of the moment, like death, was unknown in advance. When it occurred it did not at first occur as propitious. Nor did it occur as a particularly happy day, nor on a known holiday, besides being a Monday, known for weekly journaling planning, “Holy” calm day for pilots. Usually Pilot avoided contact with People on Mondays.

This Monday about half way into his morning, the part where he’d sat at his desk for at least ten minutes and no more than an hour when he went to complete online re-registration of a few of his newest items, 7 or 8 in the new Novella 260 lineup, the browser wouldn’t load the facebook and we looked the other way.

“Well,” thought Pilot at the time, “that makes one fewer onerous and annoying time draining tasks on my list today, “good.”

That said he returned to attempting to liaise thoughts in moments from many moments in time, not to mention three quite different platforms into on propitious new book, which in turn took housing to at least a dozen more, at least. Still, it was only the ten digits of his elevator to express that in that he has, and only such tools and primitive if not primordial compositional encampments as exist today in hard reality today. Pilot, for the most part, worked on his own at this time.

Pilot’s mission, getting back on his home timeline, required that he do that thing you’re NEVER supposed to do as a time traveler, which is, of course, NEVER “alter the timeline!’

Pilot however, being from the future and trapped here now due to accidental circumstances some half a century earlier had every advantage that innocence can provide but little in the way of worldly know-how. And he knew ‘altering’ the timeline was / is not only what s/he must do but all along, in fact what his mission is.

He did however have yet a residual desire to revisit said timeline and he wasn’t certain he wanted much else, therefore in his career he has put a lot of time into documentation in an attempt to capture the gestalt of the period he was from, before, and employs his meditations on hegemonic melody phrase i.e. harmonic language frequency and the use of Canadian French and English in a verbally articulated language structure.

For Pilot, this meant he had faced looking deadlines and made some inroads with locating and beginning the combining of various text, art and strategy into finished, promoted and printed pieces: Now was when the PR Moment existed with the primordial call for Something Better, wasn’t it?

Something Better was absolutely up Pilot’s alley, and here he was with his pants half on! Just as he’d known for years, at the precise critical moment of greatest opportunity, he was not ready!

All wasn’t lost, however.

In reality, Pilot’s actual calendar schedule stuck to an idea he was simply massaging the “lid” into place, and me would have an adequate one soon, this month even.

And moments can be milked, and would be, for some time, he was pretty sure, meanwhile there was a field of young soccer players ahead of him, a pair of teenage women walking by, kicking a ball was well as a field of lacrosse players behind him to the right. Further behind her could hear the sounds of younger players in the distance, up the hill from here.

He envied them their pleasure in motion and physical connection in the moment of playing sport well and having fun in it, then he returned to enjoying the thrill of watching the lacrosse players in play.

When play ceased he had merely to turn his head to watch this.

Integrate, brand elevator, brand genr8 brand elev8r

Continue, our story continues…