Take It Racing

..one way to improve any performance is to take it racing.

Some YouTuber

Pilot heard the phrase in his echoing chambers resoundingly, even now, and it must be hours (and hours!) later.. What made it clatter so?

Maybe because Pilot was looking for ways to improve performance, maybe because it appealed to the wind-cheating design of his, maybe because he was (at last!) ready to ‘get the lead out’ as it has been described. All this, plus his design did need further tweaking and inwardly Pilot knew he had done enough on his own, it was time for his formulas to be put the test.

Why not race it?? The thought kept circulating with Pilot throughout the day.

By the end of its day (this was early in 2022 1 11 to be exact) Pilot imagine he could see all that was his to be laid out in a giant race track for others to view. Races. Racing. Wasn’t that what a contest was? Hadn’t that been what it had been doing all along? He had started that, at Acadium so far. Now, suddenly more, much more came up on his central screen, long obscured by chiaroscuro. 2022 was proving to be all that he had dreamed so far. It was going to be a trip!

Published by Mark Brand

Mark is a writer, author, producer and inventor. He focuses on brands and commercial technology architecture.

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