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Pilot saw the first sign and was at once antagonized. The imposition of “Here” on the sign was at once bothersomely burdensome as well as somehow confronting, like an admission of guilt that could not possibly be contained.

Tick tick tick. Suddenly he heard his own ticking, the clockwork of his own mechanism he once more knew destiny’s dismal countdown.

Why dismal, Pilot adversity had long been its lonesome companion, then: studying as long and closely as he has Pilot had missed (entirely!) The point until now, pilot’s personality for dragging and cumbersome epic from his past expects as much adversity of this examples that it said now I see what ‘that’ item is, which holds is back.

It is an affectation based on our past, which, when you’re traumatized means that it is (probably) a fear-based physical, atavistic aversion reaction. Malevolently, that aversion certain circumstances plus opportunities given that life beholds for us, in a word, had stymied Pilot, until now.

He could still hear that loud ticking, resounding in his auditory canals. tick tick tick

Elevator really was an exceptional device, even if sensitive, thought Pilot gratuitously, if complacently grateful. This took a few parsecs processing power then was passed over for more serious considerations, namely, tick tick, work devices.

Pilot was so seriously, and easily antagonized even as he appeared to swim in silence.

Not having an ‘I’ meant not having a ‘here’ as well, couldn’t they all see that?

“Being able to talk passionately about something without needing to talk about yourself is crucially important.” —The Elevator Pilot Training Manual


Daily breakthroughs

  • Pulls together art, theater, poetry, graphs, agence, 
  • Instagram stories / IGTV, YouTube
  • Relative reference
A modest start


Pilot felt a sense of relief, of finality; in a way, even though it really was just a beginning. Hiding BB’s face behind a mask, however, passersby might not realize a huge smile was being generated, unseen, unless they could see into its eyes.

The final piece had chinked into place just like the proverbial lid of the Sampo. It was the same, Pilot could sense. All the elements were there, multicolored, ineffably indescribable (until now! suddenly), productive; and there was more too, Pilot knew. Everything about his existence now felt now as though it really is; it makes sense she said. That smile also, still at wonder in able make grammar thus.

While Pilot had been having his Elevator run a number of characters some some time, maybe since the great schism, he never dreamed of a way to integrate all with a purpose, until now. Pennies felt like dollars dropping out of sky erupting joyous lee.

Suddenly, BB it did not know; had a much stronger future.

Ironic, then it was the consideration of Carlo [the Beast], who so long occupied video alone as a potential aspect of whole, soon however as Pilot saw thus, s/he realized ALL the characters could / must be asked to consider position within. THUSLY integration.

Armed thus Pilot knew his day is different, thenceforth.


The Elevator Pilot, A discussion manual / playbook for elevated thinkers, planners, connectors, doers and the rest! Includes all MONDEX8 fundamentals + more.


At a certain point, Pilot felt it certain a number of times previously; it actually occurred, that the Elevator was situated in such a way that almost all its abilities could be deployed into permanent and full-rest modes. Given that this followed a particularly rocky period for both Pilot and Elevator during which time Pilot had learned a lot, and Elevator had put up with a lot and been proven strong indeed, were such a thing necessary to demonstrate, again.

At first this wonderful newfound situation boggled the mind to such a degree that paralysis could set in but given existential circumstance that, given Pilot’s previous history with this Elevator had suggested were all-too-likely to not repeat, he therefore gratefully and easily relaxed into his latest circumstances, as such as chance had they were and therefore also put some effort into improving and maximizing on the many conveniences there were there arrayed and unpacking some that had long been stored.

Indeed, was there not plenty to smile about? On the eve of Christmas Eve, Pilot had frequently felt this kind of excitement and bubbling joy inside. This time however, was different. Pilot knew this year was his own ‘tipping point’ of his own transition, that long drawn-out affair of decades past when he had so often chaffed at his own progress, had transitioned to something more fun, in ’21.

Timelessness does not require decades to arrive to conscious awareness, but it helps to see things come and go over a period of years, even decades or longer. If all this happens and you may sit down at your own classic wooden desk on your own chair in your own place and enjoy your third cracker, dill pickle and cheese combo, from a blue glass plate with half of dozen of the intoxicating treats, then Pilot feels glad indeed, as he does now.


BMW key distinction Performing or Acting One is authentic, one is not, comedyBWW survey, snapshot PEAKAnd: Seeing vs Looking TEPCorollary Listening, hearing + speaking or expressingPEAK Holistic Survey

Pilot did not know for certain how well he was doing at staying on course. But, with access to his instrumentation, he was becoming more and more clear on how to distinguish his course.

It all had to do with distinctions. For instance, the commitment versus attachment distinction was one he had done a fair amount of early research on. Today, however, he saw beyond even that (big) distinction. He was sensing some rather important, sometimes subtle, often subtle; yet decisive distinctions, around himself.

These new distinctions (for they were unknown behest instructions that were long forgotten). The first one of these was Performing versus Acting.

Pilot had noticed for a while now that his face was not always the same and did not always appear to be directly following his instructions to it. For instance, when he was in a crowded space, he often felt it difficult to smile broadly. Instead, the curves at the corners of his mouth would turn up rather tightly and his teeth would appear to be clenched, rather more menacingly than invitingly. When he was attempting to smile in such conditions he also noticed that his overall express felt forced and sometimes even, wooden; that is, it stayed in one place and did not have its normal fluidity of movement.

Another one

Better Than Bacon

Better Than Bacon

Better Than Bacon really is better than bacon and is entirely meat-free. The version I make frequently is made with butter so is not totally vegan but you could substitute another fat, like coconut oil, I may try that as well. You can use Better Than Bacon anywhere you’d serve hot or cold crispy bacon or bits, like on or with eggs, in salads, as a topping, just about anywhere actually, it even makes a great savory oatmeal condiment!

Smash Garlic with the broad edge of a large chef knife: Hold your blade down flat over the separated cloves, before peeling and slam your fist over the broad edge of the blade, which will perfectly smash the cloves. This releases the flavor and the paper shells, which you then remove manually before next chopping the garlic very finely with the chef knife.


6-8 or more cloves of garlic

2-3 mid-size or 1 large mushroom

2-3 tbsp of fat: I use butter

2 tbsp or so of oil: I use olive oil

  • Requires a skillet with a heavy bottom that won’t burn easily, with a tight-fitting lid.
  • About 5 minutes prep and about 15 minutes cooking time.


Smash the garlic cloves by laying the flat side of a large knife and pressing down hard into the cutting board with the flat palm of your hand onto the flat blade of your knife over your garlic cloves, crushing them open and starting their flavor reactions. Remove their paper skins by hand then chop finely with salt.

Slice mushrooms then chop roughly or finely to taste. For bacon bits appearance cut very finely.

Heat butter in frypan just until water bubbles then before it gets smoking, add the chopped garlic. Stir as it browns slightly and releases flavor to butter/oil, then add more oil and add mushrooms. Add salt and pepper plus other desired seasonings. Steak spice can be good.

Stir all together then simmer, covered for a few minutes allowing mushrooms to release their moisture and flavors to combine. Open the pan, stir around and check to ensure all cooking evenly.

OPTIONAL for TOMATO version: Add chopped, toasted or dried tomatoes cut up finely and optionally any herbs, like Italian seasonings.

Once moisture seems released by mushrooms well, cook uncovered, stirring frequently, allowing mixture to dry down through evaporation from heat. The mixture will develop a toasted golden appearance.


Remove from heat and serve over eggs or oatmeal, or cool and dry and store.


May be made ahead in batches and kept cool in a sealed container in the fridge. The recipe really is for whatever quantity you want to prepare, just half or double the recipe, and so on.


An even ‘meatier’ version can be made by including roasted or sun dried tomatoes, half-way in the cooking process. You may want to include oregano or other Italian-style seasonings and some more salt and pepper.

Flow State

J feel more and more in flow State, thought Pilot. He was vaguely aware of Orange then Red Lights, tandem in nature, tandem in his physical awareness of his elevator.

Next of course is always Now in flow State as he adjusted his brand as he adjusted his belt.

Focusing then its attention on him and its moving apparatus, that its equipment and bodily operating weaponry and defense protections as its whereabouts, now easy 17th Street on the 228 in North Vancouver, hence pilot knew as they passed 19th Street he was on its way home.

In this way Pilot became aware of the distinctions between body and man, mortal, fixated, man that is and soul.

He became aware one that he was apparently blindly operating ahead at best 50 yards knowledge in mind, he heard next stop was Lynn Valley road at 29th Street

Red Green Orange lights flashed ahead as the smooth Turbo diesel bus plunged confidently in the darkened road ahead Allen Road…

Another one.

Pilot I’m Included

I am powerful and I am strong.

I am positive and I am well;

I expect just deserts.

I am a lightning force for good.

I transmogrify murk into sunshine, swamp into hillside and despair into gladness. 

I hunger not for sadness, nor sickness nor despair. 

I train away fears bedside. 

I dream.

I hope, 

I pray.

I joy.

I live, 

I love, 

I evolve. 

I am a force of nature.

I see life shining as a laser beam.

I am not going to be anyone but me.

I am a generous being.

I am a beautiful being.

I am an honest being.

I am a shrewd being.

I am a gentle being.

I am an open being.

I am a strong being.

I am grateful.

I am kind.

I am love.

I am reborn.

I’m included.

I am me.

Gratitude is a Switch

Pilot knew gratitude was a switch, a button in his console.

When he activated it he heard was like a click, a rustle, a slamming shut, a whirring and whizzing + a speeding away of heart’s desires and allowances of grace, the biggest magnonometer of today. More and more he applied it, for its usage was akin to a barometer for its efficiency.

It, of course, meant both Pilot and the Elevator…

And, since Pilot, as the Elevator Pilot could no more exist outside of his elevator than anyone else could be his elevator’s pilot, this he knew from its multifarious signs + symbols, of success, vision, implementation and of course, documentation; then Pilot had no other function besides that of being his elevator’s pilot, ipso facto, Pilot as the pilot, was simply called Pilot, no more no less. Nevertheless, others tended to observe and judge him for visible aspects of his elevator and label this Pilot. So, Pilot did the only sensible thing he could do, in the circumstances, and he took ownership over BOTH Pilot and Elevator. Internally, he knew and understood the difference, externally, it hardly mattered, in a way.

Getting going was no problem today, getting the thread, that took some doing. See, Pilot had been weaving a complex tapestry of colors when suddenly, out of nowhere it seemed, Pilot had slipped, desperately falling and damaging his centering mechanism. Needless to say, due to the severity of the fall, Pilot had entirely lost all his bobbins, which on their own take getting used to. Until recently this has been un-repaired; recently however, it has been rectified with an entirely new approach that promises complete healing of its centering mechanism, and its effects. Pilot, meanwhile, is just about ready to get his colored weaving going again: and it is extraordinary.

Introducing variety into its complexity now seemed foolhardy at first, until he recalled the great tapestries he had studied hanging in great rooms, tapestries that frequently diverged near a center point with an entirely new and unique variation of its theme, for instance, as a roundel, medallion, portrait, message, other feature color or even in certain circumstances an entirely new weft in its weave. Any and all of these combinations might very well be possible, even likely, without his being aware of it precisely. Therefore, Pilot did what any good pilot would do, he checked his instruments, grateful again to GENR8 Technology’s universal pilot technology that so easily and accurately commanded his vast, truly global instrumentation in instantaneous rapport with all that was in both his Elevator and his connection being with it. For this among all the ‘things’ that he was truly grateful for; for it was the window to worlds of existence he was not sure that both he and his elevator could easily live in abundance without:

Pilot’s Point of View

It wasn’t that Pilot hadn’t a point-of-view on things, even if he was not sure he had opinions. He did have a wealth of practical experience, much of this derived from the workplaces of his adolescence. Part of Pilot’s point of view was due to the huge number of recalcitrant workplace experiences he had during his adolescence. Partly this was due to the length of Pilot’s adolescence, which was extensive, lasting decades in fact. This was due to the length of Pilot’s development plan. That was reflectively long as well.

So, while Pilot may not have opinions (yet), he does have experience, therefore frequently has a plan of attack ready to go for any number of day to day business situations, many of these in a formalized communication capacity for much of Pilot’s precious adulthood had been expended in creating effective group capacity. It could be said that Pilot’s point of view was that he, rather it, was competent. It being its combination of Pilot + Elevator, that was.

Recently, once again Pilot had opportunity to add to his experiences, this time in service of communal living. His entire experience with it was complete in that it brought his understanding of cooperating with others to an entirely new level. And, he pondered reflexively, productively it has been one of the most productive periods he had witnessed. Much of this, if not all, was due to teams.

First of all was the home team. Within this team of five to six there were rivalries, petty hostilities, romances and friendships. Much was born of this team. including a deeper level of relationship with life and with others, including with Pilot himself. Then there were the offshore teams, the work teams and the volunteer teams. Each of these, in turn had many of these same grab bags of personalities, friendships and connections.

This was not the first time that Pilot had to work with wide varieties of others. It was the first time he had lived with that many of them in a confined space. Now, sooner than a moment before, Pilot was going to be piloting his elevator to a new location, a fresh spot recently discovered. Ominous as the idea of moving was made out to be in deep engrams of his awareness, Pilot actually thought the idea of moving was exciting and new in a welcome kind of way.


If you know anything about horses, you know there is a stage in the raising of Colts or adolescent horses, that is to say where the horse is ‘broken’ or made tame for riding.

In reality I am sure the process must be more complex but being raised on a farm I get the general gist of the matter. The fact is horses have personalities, and strong ones. At the end of the day it is far more the case horses respond to positive emotion and reward, than to punishment, which has negative consequences, easily.

I do remember emotional relationships with animals, growing up, including with horses, cows or calves,+ pets including dogs, and cats. I had a tortoise once. There was a goat.

My sister and I are resistant to ‘breaking’. Maybe because we are both resistant to being ‘broken’ into society’s mould for me+her.

Of course, life being life, this means we’ve had our share of near escapes, narrow misses and terrifying nights. Now, more than ever, I just see this as a thrill ride more epic than the last, more heart poundingly exciting than I could have dreamt and all that is in this time.

I see now how, more than ever, she and are twin epochs surrounding a cavernous fire. In this fire brims a cauldron full with magical elixirs and potent spices. Now and then the cauldron bubbles and there may be a smell, intoxicating at first.

Out of this fire, this brimstone, out pulls you and I something new.

Old family photograph