Pilot Memories

Pilot remembered deep blue and burgundy hardcover books. Full size hard covered calendars with the year stamped in gold on the cover to match the gold edged pages, which opened to a satin ribbon marking the page. There laid out a perfect organizing grid of the year, including certain additional pages with ancillary information that was nice to have too.

Year after year, he saw the calendars, 1 at least, he thought was still in current inventory, after all its cycles, 1-2-3, how many might it be. He recalled not, gelling on the details, in favor of more pertinent or at any rate relevant information, upon his screen, to do with theater 4 command levels: doing. TV4, recently, now launching.

Meanwhile Pilot’s responsibilities lay in a direction of further levels for it was only in perceiving the whole one begins to imagine all possibilities. So, presently he was prepping the fifth through eighth meta titles for TV3, preparing blueprints for market. Why this was the next thing to do has to do with picayune details of Pilot’s work; and may be related to the fact that TV4 is one of only 4 channels presently on the books and also the first channel, even now, to become available. In this case therefore, TV3 seems less surprising as the next thing to work on, possibly.

In toto fact, Pilot currently compiled lists on 16 Brain Paper meta titles, that was as far has ventured, as it represented some processing time and it was next in line.

Pilot knew, as surely as his old hard cover calendars were reliable go to items, Brain Paper books may be today’s calendar equivalents in broader application. While the entire suite was familiar to him in some detail—its documentation was, after all, a core piece of his early training—never before had said information been published in any form, for any reason, least all for sales. “Well then, here we are.” he thought.

Published by Bryce Winter

Bryce Winter is the Publisher of School For Life, GENR8 Technologies and Nourish.press as well as the PEAK diagnostic system. Winter is resident Architect at ARCHITECTONICS.CA and is the Author and Producer of MarkBrandGroupShares, the PEAK authoring and indexing system as well as Signs and Symbols of Success, a treatise on the archetypes of brand architecture today with a focus on color.

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