BMW key distinction Performing or Acting One is authentic, one is not, comedyBWW survey, snapshot PEAKAnd: Seeing vs Looking TEPCorollary Listening, hearing + speaking or expressingPEAK Holistic Survey Pilot did not know for certain how well he was doing at staying on course. But, with access to his instrumentation, he was becoming more and moreContinue reading “Listen”

Pilot’s Point of View

It wasn’t that Pilot hadn’t a point-of-view on things, even if he was not sure he had opinions. He did have a wealth of practical experience, much of this derived from the workplaces of his adolescence. Part of Pilot’s point of view was due to the huge number of recalcitrant workplace experiences he had duringContinue reading “Pilot’s Point of View”

And then SILENCE

And then SILENCE. All about was a golden orb glistening odd somehow as there was only a sense of up. Pilot could sense UP was still UP. Other than that, and he was not absolutely certain. He could detect a certain deformity in the horizontal axis left and right, in that things were not alwaysContinue reading “And then SILENCE”

Who I Create Myself as…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Who I create myself as Somebody who makes I statements Someone who cares a lot Someone with a lot to offer I care a lot I have a lot: tonne to offer Somebody who celebrated with in small moments Someone making a difference this dayContinue reading “Who I Create Myself as…”