World War III

World War III and the 1% solution (vs. 1% answer)

Imagine effortless, easy abundance

  • Imagine ease.
  • Imagine effortless, easy abundance easily
  • Now imagine beauty and peace
  • Imagine no more greed due to effortless, easy abundance for all.
  • Next imagine greed cannot thrive within the midst of effortless, easy abundance. 

Therefore capitalism must surrender or adopt…

This shift, yes it is a shift, is on a molecular level, that is to say, it may be considered to be operating on the smallest unit possible in a war, that is the level of ‘person’. Each person represents this war in his/her/their own way. Some represent it by libido, some others through language, some through change. Whatever may be being experienced externally may also be quite correctly inferred to be occurring internally and vice versa, the reverse is also true. No wonder so many of us are feeling philosophical–or excitable–depending where you are at–these days. 

This war, inner strife, anxious energy is not new. What is new, perhaps is its sense of inner doom, together with a common crisis that in many cases has people publicly sniping over mundane matters, like face masks and gloves. What’s really bothering people about their safety and security goes far deeper and is their income, growth and communal success (or not).

Income (self-sufficiency really), growth and community are not only what is on the mind of the world–its ‘gestalt’–they are exactly what this entire shift is about. You would think this makes life easier, and in a sense it does. See, for the first time in history, perhaps all the world is united as one with a common enemy.

That most people don’t see (yet) is the enemy is within and it is nothing to be expunged or chastised, it is our own mind, willing to be embraced. That so many people’s minds are more or less composed of spaghetti may hardly be helpful, true perhaps; yet no matter the mess, there is both something to say and something also to hug.

At War With the World

World War III is fast upon us, Apocalypse and all, but it does not resemble what most people envision. World War III or ‘at War With the World syndrome’ as I call this, is the talk war each one of us may be experiencing right now, and it is often a toxic war within us. This War (and it may well be a war) is deadly serious and it has very high stakes: your life, your livelihood, your future prosperity and abundance all depend on the outcome to this War. You will either become a Victim or Victor.

You don’t have to have a ton of resources to survive this, which is fortunate, because, since you are going to do more than survive, you will thrive. Realizing new ways to address prosperity, abundance is our birthright. Now, more than ever, how we manage this is not only up to us, it is prime time! What this means is, what happens next matters!

Brands control the channel of wealth by directly connecting and triggering emotions and unconscious connections via day to day, everyday culture + communications. This culture, meanwhile, propagates an automatic culture, relying on brands to provide essential emotional rewards shopping with an absolute abundance of perfect products and pretty packaging.

In Canada, the apogee of this may be seen in the generic, hippy and beatnik movements. The generic brand movement, in particular, has thrived in Canada. House brands like Tim Hortons, Mastercraft and President’s Choice have long succeeded in Canada. What this also means is we have to stop looking for solutions from the past for the problems of the moment. House brands succeed through newfound efficiencies and smart packaging of them. The answer to problems seldom lies at the same level. Eighth generation thinking is needed now!


With this mindset we decided a lifestyle-focused method of achieving sustained happiness and prosperity through winning (actually surrendering) to the At War With the World attitude; and reached its logical end, which is nil, or null, depending on if you are a nerd or not. Having tried that, I can attest to this. However, with this perspective I was able to see something, something new and beyond ordinary in all that is occurring. It is this. 

  • The end is nothing.
  • The road is all.
  • Conduct life like a symphony.

The road is all. By the roadside find a shelter. Under its cover, a sign says “Stop, sit and ponder all that is good in your life.” This is the true nature of prosperity consciousness. Prosperity consciousness has us become a live actor, director, stage producer, choreographer and conductor of our lives today now, because that is all there is. I suppose all that hype might be expected to turn to glory if it were not for the fact that we cannot act, direct, produce, choreograph and conduct 24/7. So what then?

Most entrepreneurs I know do their best to add more hours. But this really may be the most liimited way to do things, producing the most miserly results. Community, people, the world around us exists to magnify and support us in our unique missions. Prosperity consciousness combined with a community structure works. After all, this is what a successful office is; a structured community. Today’s office is being replaced and GENR8 is here to populate virtual ‘factories’ of tomorrow with lucid results through ELEV8R, the personal fingertip filing system.

Organizing and accessing this has, until now, been a problem. GENR8 Community has a solution. The GENR8 ELEV8R membership structure uses a unique harmonic system discussed in and illustrated on the GENR8 Open Architecture page. This structure, also discussed in The Elevator Pilot as well as elsewhere, provides for a unique safety and privacy bubble around a supportive creative commons where anything becomes (eventually) possible + available. This is eighth generational organization design. Engineering that is empathic and powerfully connected with human perspectives. Design encompasses very fundamental active aspects of how we connect. Architecture that connects, gathers as it goes, producing more key intelligence for society. Better than smart alone; intelligence implies widely-informed useful and useable knowledge. Designed organizational results accessed through the GENR8 ELEV8R mechanism. Three memberships are available, depending on your qualifications. Apply with the GENR8 Explorer.

Published by Bryce Winter

Bryce Winter is the Publisher of School For Life, GENR8 Technologies and as well as the PEAK diagnostic system. Winter is resident Architect at ARCHITECTONICS.CA and is the Author and Producer of MarkBrandGroupShares, the PEAK authoring and indexing system as well as Signs and Symbols of Success, a treatise on the archetypes of brand architecture today with a focus on color.

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