At a certain point, Pilot felt it certain a number of times previously; it actually occurred, that the Elevator was situated in such a way that almost all its abilities could be deployed into permanent and full-rest modes. Given that this followed a particularly rocky period for both Pilot and Elevator during which time Pilot had learned a lot, and Elevator had put up with a lot and been proven strong indeed, were such a thing necessary to demonstrate, again.

At first this wonderful newfound situation boggled the mind to such a degree that paralysis could set in but given existential circumstance that, given Pilot’s previous history with this Elevator had suggested were all-too-likely to not repeat, he therefore gratefully and easily relaxed into his latest circumstances, as such as chance had they were and therefore also put some effort into improving and maximizing on the many conveniences there were there arrayed and unpacking some that had long been stored.

Indeed, was there not plenty to smile about? On the eve of Christmas Eve, Pilot had frequently felt this kind of excitement and bubbling joy inside. This time however, was different. Pilot knew this year was his own ‘tipping point’ of his own transition, that long drawn-out affair of decades past when he had so often chaffed at his own progress, had transitioned to something more fun, in ’21.

Timelessness does not require decades to arrive to conscious awareness, but it helps to see things come and go over a period of years, even decades or longer. If all this happens and you may sit down at your own classic wooden desk on your own chair in your own place and enjoy your third cracker, dill pickle and cheese combo, from a blue glass plate with half of dozen of the intoxicating treats, then Pilot feels glad indeed, as he does now.

Published by Mark Brand

Mark is a writer, author, producer and inventor. He focuses on brands and commercial technology architecture.

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