Flow State

J feel more and more in flow State, thought Pilot. He was vaguely aware of Orange then Red Lights, tandem in nature, tandem in his physical awareness of his elevator.

Next of course is always Now in flow State as he adjusted his brand as he adjusted his belt.

Focusing then its attention on him and its moving apparatus, that its equipment and bodily operating weaponry and defense protections as its whereabouts, now easy 17th Street on the 228 in North Vancouver, hence pilot knew as they passed 19th Street he was on its way home.

In this way Pilot became aware of the distinctions between body and man, mortal, fixated, man that is and soul.

He became aware one that he was apparently blindly operating ahead at best 50 yards knowledge in mind, he heard next stop was Lynn Valley road at 29th Street

Red Green Orange lights flashed ahead as the smooth Turbo diesel bus plunged confidently in the darkened road ahead Allen Road…

Another one.

Published by Mark Brand

Mark is a writer, author, producer and inventor. He focuses on brands and commercial technology architecture.

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