• Beginning

    July 28, 2021 by

    Normally his Elevator would have braked smoothly, banking across the atmosphere at terrific speed but in a controlled and predictable manner. Instead, he could feel himself flipping end over end over end as the Elevator spun out of control, feverishly trying to right itself and brake by using its automatic stabilizers and powerful thrusters. He headed directly for a massive ditch below; and crashed into the earth there, pushing up mounds and masses of red earth in the process. The Elevator’s smoking chassis left a charred trail over a dark, grassy embankment, turning the wet wilderness into a steaming, slippery hell fit only for a fire demon. Not being a fire demon however, Pilot was shaken rather badly.

  • {Pilot’s Story} Marketing at its Edges

    August 25, 2022 by

    It was while he was occupied, exploring perception when Pilot most often got his most fierce ideas. Ideas that now once it was done: launching the GENR8 EXPLORER; were genesis of a new life for him and others, as well.

  • Pilot’s Careful Research

    June 22, 2022 by

    As both Pilot and Elevator knew, failure at anywhere near this juncture was inadvisable and therefore it really was best to find a new stride: if only it was not difficult to balance into fresh equilibriums!

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